Albanian Geological Survey is a government organization, which perform its activity in field of geosciences, according to law 111/2015, that define the role of AGS, as scientific and technical adviser of Albanian government in this field of expertise.

Genesis of organization began since March 1922, where was created the Geological Office included that time into the structure of Agriculture and Communal Works Ministry. The office was headed by Dr. Ernst Nowack, a geologist of Czech origin. After an activity of 7 years (1922-192), the office is no more evidenced by official documents, and only in 1952 the AGS was found once again. AGS can be considered as the oldest institution in Albania

Since April 2007, Albanian Geological Survey has the status of associated member of EuroGeoSurvey, and since January 2015 is a full member of this organization.

I its activity Albanian Geological Survey influence directly on economic development and welfare of the country. Through evaluation and monitoring of underground waters are observed the water reserves and aim to provide for the citizens abundant and qualitative drinkable water. The water collectors are under permanent monitoring by our organization to be protected by damaging and pollution, ant to ensure their intelligent use.

Research in Civil Engineering constitute an important item of our activity. The development of communication infrastructure, the requirement for different construction from building businesses as well as from individuals, request to have well studied data regarding the stability of terrains and good knowledge regarding the possible risks and hazards. Such detailed data can be provided by AGS.

For this reason, our observation, monitoring and research cover whole territory of Albania and uninterrupted in time. All phenomena observed such landslides, subsidence, fluvial and marine erosion, are presented in maps of different scales.

Raw materials and reservoirs of energetic sources are an important factor with high impact in the economic development of every country. Since first days of its foundation, the primary duty of AGSs was this of evidencing the efficiency of natural resources of the Albanian underground. Every mining activity opened in Albania was result of our discovery and research activity. Our organization is able to offer qualitative expertise in this field of research.
This work is achieved into a huge archive, where are collected a great number of materials with a large spread in space and time. Map of different scales and thematic are realized for the whole territory of our country

An important objective was ever the continuous training of our staff. This is performed through experience exchange and transition inside the institution as well as thought the training in scientific universitary institution inside and outside the country. We make every effort that the qualification of the staff to followed with the improve of equipments and technology used in the process of collection, elaboration and analyze of the data.