Since January 2015 Albanian Geological Survey is full member of EuroGeoSurvey

Zmadho foton

Since January 2011 is member of International Consortium of Landslides

Memorandums of Understanding



MoU between
Albanian Geological Survey (AGS)
Geological Survey of Austria (GBA)

This MoU is signed from General Director of AGS Dr. Viktor DODA, and Director of GBA, takes in consideration the complementary values of both organizations in the field of geosciences.
The Memorandum will be in force for a period of five years and foresee a continuous collaboration in the follow fields of expertise:
- Basic geological research;
- Correlation CorCorrelation of equally bio- and litho- stratigraphical units in countries, more specifically the depositions of Quaternary, Cenozoic, Mesozoic and Paleozoic, and their drawing into maps;
- Study on the structural evolution of Albanides, as part of Mediterranean Ophiolitic Belt, including their relationships with Alps;
- Study in raw materials, including the evaluation of mineral ore bodies (mines) and planning in regional use of the terrain;
- Research on environmental geochemistry and geology;
- Elaboration of digital and geospatial data;
- Study for geo-hazard and geo-risk
- Exchange of geoscientific literature, periodicals and geological maps published by both Parties
- Bilateral information about meeting, conferences, congresses national or international, organized in Albania or Austria


Memorandum of Understanding
Albanian Geological Survey
Polish Geological Survey - National Research Institute (PGI-NRI)

This MoU was signed in September 2011, and will stay in force for a time period of 5 years.
Its scope is the cooperation between two organizations in fields of common interest, through projects and activities planned conjointly.
This memorandum will be closed in September 2016 but can be renewed with the consent of both parties.


MoU between
Albanian Geological Survey
Faculty of Geology and Mining

MoU, signed from Dr. Viktor DODA, General Director of AGS and Prof. Dr. Përparim HOXHA, Dean of Faculty of Geology and Mining of Tirana, will be in force for a time period of five years, and has the goals to incite the collaboration between two Parties in the following fields:
- The joint collaboration for the publication of geo-scientific periodical "Buletini i Shkencave Gjeologjike"
- Organization of joint scientific events in national and international level;
- Exchange of scientific knowledge;
- Undertaking of jointly projects of national importance, or in research projects funded by EU;
- Reciprocally support for student or specialists in their diploma works, or doctorate thesis and trainings programs;
- Common involving of staffs in proposing long-term strategies for the development of geology in Albania;


Albanian Geologica Survey
The collaboration in the regional level

Albanian Geological Survey has a perennial collaboration in regional level with all the geological surveys of all around region, mentioning the geological surveys of Kosovo, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Monte Negro and Greece.
This collaboration has include common fields of the activity of those organizations such geological mapping and correlation, research, evaluation and managing of drinkable water resources, marine geology, consultations for several problems of geological and environmental matter etc.


Agreement for bilateral use of Archives
Albanian Geological Survey
National Agency of Natural Resources

This agreement signed from Dr. Viktor DODA, General Director of AGS and Mr. Elion SEMANAJ, Deputy General Director of National Agency of Natural Resources, confirm the good will and determination to promote the good functioning of both organizations through their collaboration. Via this agreement, both organizations put in disposal of each-other their respective archives for use without financial obligations. This agreement enters in force in May of 2014, and is not limited in time. It gives guaranties the right of both organizations for axes in respective archives with the scope to use the materials for the "Mineral Section".